Understanding the Basics of Solar Energy

sunmetrix solar energy basicsAt first glance, solar energy may seem too complex. Many different technical terms, strange physical units and the intermittent nature of solar radiation may seem daunting. However, the basic principles of solar energy are relatively simple. Sunmetrix Discover is at your service to help you understand what solar energy can do for you. But before you get started with Discover, here are the top five things to know about solar energy.

1. Latitude largely determines the amount of solar energy reaching your property.

2. A south-facing roof (in the Northern Hemisphere) is an ideal location to install solar panels. Although an east-west facing system can also help you, especially in areas with time-of-use electricity pricing, because you’ll be making more electricity when it costs more to buy it from the utility.

3. Any type of object casting shadows on your solar panels can drastically reduce your energy yield.

4. Monthly and annual variation in your production is perfectly normal, however, understanding the weather related portion of this variation is crucial to benchmark the performance of your system.

5. Understanding how solar panels work and what they cost will help you determine if solar panels make sense for your home.

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