Top 10 Cities in the USA for Solar Energy – Can You Guess #1?

We tallied the solar scores of many major USA cities, and have reduced the list to a top 10. Can you guess which cities made the list? Even better, can you guess which city is the best for solar energy in the USA?

10. Sacramento – Solar Score: 75

Coming in at the tenth spot is the capital of California. The reason for Sacramento’s solar potential can largely be explained by its sunny and almost rainless summers. On top of the nice summers, Sacramento maintains relatively sunny weather throughout the winter months which gives Sacramento building owners a significant edge over a lot of their nationwide counterparts.

9. San Francisco – Solar Score: 75

Another California city comes in at number nine. Although San Francisco may be known for its chilly weather and rainy days, it surprisingly has a very good solar score. We can attribute most of San Fransisco’s solar success to its southern latitude and its precipitation free summers. San Fransisco home owners take note!


8. Orlando – Solar Score: 75

Orlando, the home of Disney World and Universal Studios Resort, ranks number eight in our list. Everyone knows about Florida’s sunny coastline, but the sun also beats down on Central Florida. The year round sunny and tropical climate also means a very good location for solar energy.


7. Las Vegas – Solar Score: 75

Vegas also came in with a solar score of 75. This is due to its consistent heat and its desert climate. Although living conditions may be hostile for plant and animal life, they are terrific for solar panels. If you live in Las Vegas, you should consider it!


6. Albuquerque – Solar Score: 76

The sunny state of New Mexico brings us our 6th spot. Despite not being the biggest city around, it packs a strong punch when it comes to solar energy. We can attribute its high solar score of 76 to its desert climate and generally sunny weather.


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5. Miami – Solar Score: 77

There was no way Miami could be left off this list. Coming in at the 5th spot, Miami is known for its heat and sunny beaches. Whenever a city is known for its sun and heat, it is also most likely a great location for a solar power system! Miami has an impressive solar score of 77.


4. San Diego – Solar Score: 79

Back to California we go for our 4th place finisher. Although San Diego isn’t the warmest place in the country, it is known for its clear skies which explains its massive solar potential. Those in San Diego should know that solar energy is a great option for them.


3. Los Angeles – Solar Score: 81

California has also won the number 3 spot on our list. Los Angeles is known for its celebrities and riches, but did you know it is also an excellent spot for solar? To those home owners in LA, if you haven’t gone solar yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity!


2. Tucson – Solar Score: 82

We move to Arizona for our second place finisher. Tucson is located in an absolute desert of a climate. With almost no precipitation and blazing heat, it is no surprise that Tucson has an outstanding solar score of 82. If you aren’t taking advantage of the unlimited resource sitting on your roof, you are truly missing out.


1. Phoenix – Solar Score: 84

There it is, Phoenix, Arizona takes the number one spot on our list. With an absolutely incredible solar score of 84, Phoenix is the best city in the United States for solar energy. Like a lot of its neighbouring cities, Phoenix experiences very little precipitation, as well as year round heat and sun. This combination leads to amazing conditions for solar prosperity.


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Photo Credits

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Tucson Photo: Sahmeditor, Wikimedia

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Miami Photo: Marc Averette, Wikimedia

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Las Vegas Photo: Gamut, Wikimedia

Orlando Photo: Wikimedia

San Francisco Photo: Wikimedia

Sacramento Photo: J. Smith, Wikimedia

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  1. I am proud of San Diego’s leadership in solar energy. However, 50 watts per capita is still pretty low. My household’s rooftop system, averaged over the entire calendar year, day and night, produces 240 watts/person. I encourage my neighbors to join me!

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