The World Cup of Solar: Group Stage – Who Would Win if the Game was Solar?

Because of all the excitement behind the World Cup, we decided to have a look at the worldwide event from a slightly different angle: which nations would win if the game were solar energy potential, instead of football (soccer). You may have already heard of various animals predicting the outcomes of football (soccer) matches. Well, we now present you with our Solar Predictor.

We have analyzed the solar scores of the capital cities of all the world cup teams and have concluded which teams would have qualified beyond the group stage. Here are our results.

To see a detailed breakdown, click on any of the countries.

Group A

Country Solar Score
Mexico 82
Brazil 81
Cameroon 75
Croatia 41

Group B

Country Solar Score
Chile 85
Australia 69
Spain 61
Netherlands 32

Group C

Country Solar Score
Columbia 74
Cote D’Ivoire 73
Greece 64
Japan 46

Group D

Country Solar Score
Uruguay 63
Costa Rica 56
Italy 54
England 26

Group E

Country Solar Score
Hondouras 75
Ecuador 58
Switzerland 39
France 31

Group F

Country Solar Score
Nigeria 83
Argentina 66
Iran 53
Bosnia 41

Group G

Country Solar Score
Ghana 75
Portugal 60
USA 49
Germany 25

Group H

Country Solar Score
Algeria 74
Korea 50
Russia 28
Belgium 27

Our super scientific conclusion is that Chile is on their way to winning their first World Cup.

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