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Consumer Report for Solar Energy

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Thinking of solar energy for your home? Get the information you need, all in one place, with the Sunmetrix Solar Report.

Just enter an address or zip code and learn how much solar energy you can produce and what that represents in terms of dollar savings. Get system-sizing information, a financial analysis comparing your buy and lease options (where leasing is allowed), a list of incentive programs for your area, and a list of up to ten local solar installers with their consolidated Yelp and Google ratings, as well as any cashback offers.

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Benefits of Your Solar Report

Location specific information

Location-specific information

Get the solar information you need, for where you live.
Saves you time

Saves you time

You don’t have to dig through lots of websites anymore – get the info you need in one report.
Saves you money

Saves you money

We provide a list of the local solar incentive programs so you don’t miss out on savings.
Solar made simple

Solar made simple

We make it easy to order your report, and we make your report easy to understand!
Consolidated consumer ratings

Consolidated Consumer Ratings

See the consolidated ratings of solar companies in your area.
We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy

We will not share your personal information with any third-party when you order this report. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What are the benefits of this report?

Going solar is a big decision with many important considerations. With the Sunmetrix Solar Report, you don’t need to search through tons of complicated and difficult to understand websites to find all the relevant and location-specific information that you need – with your Sunmetrix Solar Report, it’s all in one place, in an easy-to-understand format.

Q. Why should I trust your numbers?

The solar production estimates we provide are based on data and models from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Incentive programs in each state are compiled using the information provided by NC State University. By using these trusted sources of information, and providing our own financial models, we help homeowners get an unbiased and accurate look at the feasibility of going solar.

Q. How can I save money when going solar?

Installing a solar system for your home is not cheap, but we can help you save money by showing you the available solar tax credits, rebates and other financial incentives where you live. In addition to the federal investment tax credit, many states and municipalities or utilities offer their own financial incentives for going solar. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money!

Q. How simple is it to understand the report?

We know that it’s hard to make sense of all the different numbers and units being thrown at you when you research solar energy for your home. We’ve made the job easier, by laying it all out in simple terms, with the location-specific information you need. And it’s easy to order your Sunmetrix Solar Report – just enter an address or zip code and find out what information is available for your area before you order. When you’re ready to order your report, it’s as simple as a PayPal payment. Take advantage of our multiple report discount and order reports for family, friends and your community.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

If you decide cancel your monthly subscription (unlimited reports), just click on the "Unsubscribe" button that you will see on this page. You will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete the unsubscription process. There's no need to contact us for cancellation.

Q. Why should I trust your solar contractor information?

You might already be convinced that solar energy makes financial sense for you, but finding the right solar company to install your solar system is an equally big decision. We provide you with a list of up to ten local installers that includes their average rating and number of reviews, from both Yelp and Google, so that you can see what other homeowners had to say about them. And we make it easy for you to order solar quotes from up to three installers, so that you can compare your options (and see if you can benefit from our Sunmetrix Solar Cashback program, where we pay you when you go solar!).

Q. How can I make sure that my privacy is assured?

We will never share your personal information with a third-party without your consent. And don’t worry, we’re not sneaky and asking you for your consent in the fine-print when you order this report. If you decide to request solar quotes through Sunmetrix, we will ask you to fill out a separate form and only then will we share the information you provide with up to three installers.

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