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Determine whether to buy or lease your solar panels

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Welcome to our buy or lease calculator: let's find the best financing choice for you!
Quick Start Guide:
  • 1. Enter your address or zip code above.
  • 2. Once we determine your state or province, we will display the average figures for the cost of electricity and annual consumption for your location.
  • 3. You can fine-tune these estimates to better fit your particular consumption profile.
  • 4. You can change many financial assumptions to see if the buy or lease option is better for you.
  • 5. Some of the key variables are the cost of solar panels, monthly lease payment and the useful life of your panels.
  • Enter an address or zip code above to begin.

    Cost of Solar Panels 3.00 $/Wp icon
    icon Annual Electricity Consumption 11200 kWh
    Your Utility Rate 0.15 $/kWh icon
    icon Number of Solar Panels 0

    Purchase Net Savings

    Lease Net Savings

    Levelized Cost

    Objective: The financing option with maximum net savings.
    0kW System
    Item Purchase Option Lease Option
    Your net savings
    Amount due on installation $ $0 down
    Down payment
    No downpayment required
    Term for Loan or Lease
    Federal tax credit $ Claimed by the leasing company. Not available to the homeowner.
    Other incentives
    Not available
    Maintenance Costs $ Incurred by the leasing company
    Interest rate
    Doesn't apply, see escalation rate
    Monthly payment $
    Escalation rate You lock-in your cost, no escalation.
    Useful life of your panels
    Limited by the lease term above.
    Macroeconomic assumptions
    Utility Escalation