Should I Invest in Rooftop Solar Panels for my Home?

sunmetrix solar panel moneyEveryone has the right to prosper from their energy. We feel strongly about this and that is why we are here to help you navigate this decision. Location, location, location. You’ve heard it before and it certainly holds true in the realm of solar energy. In fact, it is one of the key factors of whether a solar energy investment will be profitable or not. By understanding how solar energy varies from place to place, we can assess whether your rooftop and your system will lead to payoffs in the long run. Solar energy also varies throughout the year and this is tied directly to your location through latitude (think spherical shape and tilt of the earth) and regional weather conditions (for example, is your home near the ocean or the mountains, both of which affect cloudiness and local temperature).

Now that you understand how important location is to making a decision on whether to invest in rooftop solar panels for your home, what’s the next step? You need a tool that can tell you how your particular rooftop solar energy system will fair over its lifetime, a lifespan of twenty five years on average. Sunmetrix Discover allows you to enter a street address or a latitude and longitude and see the amount of solar energy that falls on that location, as well as how the solar energy varies throughout the year. Moreover, if you to play around with the specifications for the solar panel system you are considering, Sunmetrix can tell you how much electricity you can expect to generate, electricity that you can feed back into your home to supplement your own consumption, or electricity that you might be able to sell back to the grid (depending again on your location and your particular power authority’s rules and regulations).

When you’re ready you can learn more about the cost of solar panels and your various financing options.

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