Residential Electricity Rates - United States

See how electricity rates vary across the country.

Our interactive map shows you the latest available residential retail utility rates for each state across the United States, and by how much they increased on average, each year during the period between 2005 and 2017, otherwise known as the escalation rate. This map of electricity rates can help you assess whether you want to mitigate against the risk of increasing rates by investing in solar panels.

Latest Data:

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Analysis assumptions:
  • Utility rates are based on the monthly residential rate data set as reported by the EIA.
  • Utility rates are computed using the last 12 available months in the dataset.
  • Escalation rates are computed from the beginning of the data set (2005) to the last available full-year of data (2017).
  • Display 12-month average
    Display escalation rate

    U.S. 12-month Average


    U.S. Average Annual Escalation Rate (2005-2017)


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