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As a homeowner, did you ever wonder if solar is right for you? With a few clicks, Sunmetrix Go can let you “test drive” solar energy for your home. Go is a fun and easy way to place “virtual” solar panels on your roof and see how they perform at your site. By merging near real-time weather data for your site and our powerful algorithms, we can help you estimate how much solar electricity you can generate and how much money you can save by switching to solar power.

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Sunmetrix Go

Sunmetrix Go is the perfect tool for homeowners who are curious to see the impact solar panels can have on their life. Updated daily, Sunmetrix Go is a free online tool that let’s you monitor your roof’s performance in near-real time.

Absolutely free to use. No credit card required

No need to install any equipment

Customize your system

Works on your desktop PC, tablet and smart phone

Track your expected production day by day



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