How good is your data?

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Our validation report

In order to determine the accuracy of our models, we routinely compare our estimates with ground station measurements. The correlation between our estimates and ground measurements varies between 0.9 and 0.97 depending on the location. For detailed information regarding our models and the results of our data validation campaigns, please see our validation report.

What is solar resource assessment and why do I need it?

Solar irradiance is the “fuel” of all solar energy systems. Quantifying the level of irradiance at a project site is called solar resource assessment (SRA). SRA is one of the most important steps in designing and building a solar energy system. With a properly performed SRA, you can determine both the overall level of solar radiation at your project site, as well as its variability over time.

What are the consequences of not investing in SRA?

Setting realistic expectations for your project is very important: if you significantly overestimate your solar resource, the profitability of your investment will suffer and financing the debt load of your project may become an issue. If, on the other hand, you underestimate the resource, your final system design will be suboptimal and your revenues will be well below their true potential.

What if I have more than one project site?

Understanding the correlation of the solar resource between your project sites is critical. Much like the assets in a financial portfolio, your solar investments at multiple sites will perform differently at different times. Our hourly data sets are very useful in modeling and managing your investment portfolio. For example, if you are considering an addition to your solar investments, the marginal impact of this portfolio on your investments can be assessed using our data and modeling capabilities.

What are the primary factors affecting the level of solar radiation?

There are five main factors that determine the solar energy potential of a site:

  • latitude
  • cloud cover
  • aerosols
  • elevation
  • shading

For more information please see our article entitled “Top Five Factors Determining Solar Energy Potential”.