Your Questions on Solar Energy


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What is the best way to install solar panels at my home?

Solar panels buy or lease

For most property owners, "going solar" is a complex decision. From the brand of the solar panels to the track record of installers, from the structural impact on the roof to aesthetic considerations, there are many factors that shape the final decision. However, one factor is more likely to trump all the others: economic return. ...

Solar Radiation and Agriculture

Solar panels are not the only things that convert solar radiation into energy. Plants have been doing this for billions of years. How can farmers make use of solar radiation data?  A huge decision farmers face is which crop to plant. This depends on a number of factors, two of which are soil moisture and the ...

Here comes the sun!

Solar rays

Spring is here and that means two important things: 1) Your solar potential is on the rise and 2) It's time for a little spring cleaning! With the spring equinox behind us, we are now on the winning side when it comes to daylight hours - that is, if you live in the Northern hemisphere. Longer days mean more ...