Books About Solar Energy

Even though we built Sunmetrix to help homeowners figure out if solar energy is right for them, with useful tools like our solar panel calculator, the amazing resources on our Learn page, and in depth articles on the cost of solar panels and whether solar panels are worth it, some people are interested in delving deeper into the topic with books on the subject.

Of course, this would be a natural place to put in a plug our free e-book “Guide to Solar Energy for Homeowners“. However, we understand that homeowners might be looking for books from other sources, as well as books that go into more technical detail or that cover topics like how to install solar panels yourself (in general we do not recommend this, unless you’re a qualified electrician!). If you’re looking for books that cover the topic of solar energy, why not check out the solar genre on What Next Now (in the interest of full disclosure, we want to point out that is our latest online offering, where among other things, we help readers find new and interesting books with our book recommender).

If you’re interested in the economic rationale behind solar power, these two books will give you a very good understanding of the big picture:

Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation Of The Global Energy Industry

The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy For A Sustainable Global Future

If you’re more interested in the technical aspects of how solar power works, we would recommend the following two titles:

Solar Power Your Home For Dummies

Photovoltaic Design And Installation For Dummies

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